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Custom Mirrors and Glass in Central Point, OR


Custom Glass to Fit Your Needs

Being a full-service glass shop means that we fabricate and cut our own mirrors, cabinet glass, shelves, table tops, etc. saving you time and money.

Whether you want to put a full wall of mirror in your home gym or change out a fogged window unit, Shower Doors and More can do it for you.

Other glass services and products also available include:
  • repair broken window glass
  • decorative cabinet glass
  • tinted glass or mirror
  • insulated window units
  • wall mount bathroom fixtures
  • back painted glass
  • beveled glass
Glass shelving - custom glass - Shower Doors and More in Central Point OR
Custom mirror - full service custom glass - Shower Doors and More in Central Point, OR
If quality work and great customer service matter to you, turn to us at Shower Doors and More (541) 770-4550.